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You are stuck at home trying to practice #socialdistancing during this COVID-19 crisis. You may feel anxious, stressed, and afraid... not knowing how long this will last and if you or your loved ones could get sick.

You may feel lonely, trying to come up with creative ways to see your friends and family online and keep yourself occupied.

You may be at home with your partner(s), family members, or kids and are feeling overwhelmed with everyone living in the same space all day every day, while having to juggle so many things at the same time.

You may be grieving the loss of an important event, the progress of your education, or a trip you were looking forward to, but has now been canceled due to the need for social distancing and staying at home.

You would really like to get into therapy or just find someone to talk to right now, but you do not know how to do that when leaving the house and seeing someone in person is not an option.

 There is ONE amazing solution to this problem… ONLINE THERAPY!

Imagine a world where we all have connecting devices, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, or iPads and can use secure software that allows us to video call each other, where we can see each other’s faces and hear each other’s voices!

OH WAIT…we do live in that world!

Now imagine using that software to connect with your therapist when it is convenient for you during this time of uncertainty and chaos.

Awesome right?

Imagine being able to check in with someone who cares and wants to be a support system to you, without feeling like a burden, in the comfort of your own home, in your car, or in your office at work…as long as it is a confidential space.

Imagine being able to schedule a quick session with your therapist in between business meetings during your quarantine work from home days.

Imagine getting a little space from those in your house right now, and taking some time just for you to get the support you need, without needing to drive anywhere and put you and your family at risk.

What is Online Therapy?

Online Therapy, or Telehealth, has been around for a long time in various fields and has had many uses, but has recently become increasingly more popular in the medical and mental health fields. Online Therapy can take place on various mediums such as phone, email, secure messaging, video, and sometimes virtual reality with avatars. Cool right??

Most therapists however, typically use video or phone mediums to connect with their clients that cannot come into the office for therapy.

I personally use primarily video for my Online Therapy sessions, and only resort to using the phone if our video connection breaks down to the point of no repair.

Online Therapy allows for clients to stay connected and get therapy services even when they do not live in the same city as their therapist, cannot come into the therapist's office easily during the day, or have some curve balls thrown at them... such as a global pandemic such as the coronavirus!

 How Does This Work?

 I use an extremely user friendly and HIPAA compliant platform for all my booking, notes, payment, and Online Therapy services called Simple Practice.

When you set up a consultation with me, I will create a temporary file for you in my system, so that I can schedule a video call with you. You will get a link in your email to click on in order to join the call. Once you click the link, it will open up a new window were you will test your video and audio settings before clicking Join Video Call.

This is a great way for me to get to know you a little bit and for you to be able to experience what it would be like to do Online Therapy sessions before even choosing me as your therapist.

If you decide that you would like to schedule an intake, you will be sent all the necessary forms that you need to sign through the client portal.

Because Online Therapy means that I do not have direct contact with you, you will get a special consent form for Online Therapy and an emergency form that asks you to locate all the necessary emergency or crisis resources in your area. Writing out what you would do in a crisis situation is very important to ensure your safety when using Online Therapy services.

If you are using your phone, you just have to download the Telehealth by Simple Practice app and it will open when you click the link sent to you in the text message.

I will provide you with a handy guide Simple Practice has put together for clients that answers all the ‘How To’ questions and gives good tips for making sure your space is confidential, how to have good lighting, and how to make sure your connection is strong.

Sessions are just like if you were to Skype or FaceTime someone and they last for the full length of an in person session.

Questions You May Have

Do you do Intakes with Online Therapy?

Yes I do! If it is possible, I do prefer to do intakes in person for us to get to know each other a little bit better before doing on going appointments online. However, I do work with people in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area and many people cannot make it down to Tacoma for an intake. If you are someone that lives closer to Seattle or far enough away from Tacoma where it would be a challenge to come to he office and would like to solely do Online Therapy, I am here to serve you as well.

Is Online Therapy Confidential and Secure?

Absolutely! Simple Practice’s platform is HIPAA compliant and our sessions will never be recorded.

How do I Pay You for an Online Therapy Session?

Another beauty of Simple Practice is the online billing. When you fill out all your paperwork before your intake appointment, you will receive a credit card form where you enter your credit card information and it is then stored in your file. Before we officially start our session, I will make sure I have the right card on file and it will be charged the full amount at the beginning of the session.

Is Online Therapy as Good as in Person Therapy?

Yes... its just a bit different. There have been lots of studies showing the effectiveness of Online Therapy and how people can be treated through video sessions for many different issues. Online Therapy is amazing for convenience and I have had great success with clients that I had previously seen in person as well as with new clients that I began therapy with online sessions.

Online Therapy does have some different challenges that we have to navigate from what you would experience in person, but it is my job to walk you through those challenges and try to collectively make our online space the same safe space as you would have in my office.

Can I do Online Therapy if I am in a Different State?

Unfortunately, I cannot do Online Therapy if you are a resident in another state due to only being licensed to practice in Washington State.

If I Want to See You in Person after the COVID-19 Quarantine is Over, Can I do that?

Absolutely! Online Therapy is going to be part of my practice now and after COVID-19, but I also am more than happy to see you in person as well. Online Therapy is just a medium for how we can do therapy, so if you would like to switch to in person sessions or have a combination of in person and online sessions, I am definitely on board.

Can I Continue doing Online Therapy Sessions after the COVID-19 Quarantine is Over?

Again, Absolutely! I am getting certified in Online Therapy during this quarantine, so part of my practice will be to offer Online Therapy services to anyone in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area after the quarantine is over.


Overall, Online Therapy is an amazing technological tool that we now have at our disposal and it is being utilized in so many different ways, especially during this pandemic!

It allows us to continue to stay connected when we are all confined to homes.

It allows for people to be seen anywhere at whatever time may be more convenient.

It allows for emergencies to not keep you or I from making it to our appointment together.

It allows for parents to stay at home and not have to get child care while still being able to access therapy services.

It allows for us to stay in contact even if we are not in the same city.

If you are looking to engage in therapy during this COVID-19 Quarantine, Online Therapy may be the right fit for you.

Next Steps

If you would like to schedule a FREE 30 minute video consultation to talk about how I can help you achieve the life you deserve and desire or have any questions about the process, fill out the contact form on this page or click the button below and fill out my contact form on my contact page.

I look forward to speaking with you and seeing if we would be a good fit to work together.

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Got Questions?
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By submitting this form via this web portal, you acknowledge and accept the risks of communicating your health information via this unencrypted email and electronic messaging and wish to continue despite those risks. By clicking "Yes, I want to submit this form" you agree to hold Brighter Vision harmless for unauthorized use, disclosure, or access of your protected health information sent via this electronic means.