The Millennial Sex and Relationship Therapist Vlog

Managing Anxiety and Stress in COVID-19 Quarantine

Transcription: Hey everyone, it's Kayla, your Millennial Therapist and owner of Reclaiming Stories Therapy. Today I'm going to be talking to you about how to deal with anxiety and stress during quarantine and COVID-19. All right, let's talk about it. So it's so important for us to continue to take care of ourselves in these times. I know everything is...[ read more ]

Why Millennials Have One of The Highest Rates of Anxiety

Video Summary: What is anxiety?  Your body’s response to stress It’s a fear response that involves our fight/ flight/ and freeze response When we feel stressed, we tend to feel tense, have a rapid heart rate, maybe have heavy or fast breathing, sweating, or feeling tired. But with anxiety… there is a constant underlying worry that can be intense and...[ read more ]

How Netflix’s TOO HOT TO HANDLE Reflects Dating in Quarantine and the Therapy Experience

Video Summary: Initial Thoughts: I was not sure what to expect when the show looked like a souped-up dating show with young attractive people on a beach that were going to be instructed not to have sex with each other for money As a sex therapist, I did not want there to be any shame involved around sex and sexuality....[ read more ]

3 Tips on Keeping Intimacy Alive When You are NOT Quarantined with Your Partner

Transcription: Hey everyone. I'm Kayla, I'm The Millennial Therapist, and today I'm giving you three tips on how to keep intimacy alive when you are not quarantined with your partner. So this is a really hard time for all of us, but especially those people that have partners that they don't live with. You all of a sudden are being...[ read more ]

5 Tips For Keeping Intimacy Alive When Quarantined With Your Partner 24/7

Transcription: Hey everyone, I'm Kayla, The Millennial Therapist, and I am here to give you five tips today on how to keep intimacy and sex alive in your relationship when you are quarantined with your partner 24/7. Let's get into it. So this is a really hard time for everybody. But, those people that are quarantined with their partners, 24/7,...[ read more ]

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